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Audio Recordings available at 7 am (PT) on October 6, 2022

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You’ll Love Learning From Our
Special Guest Speakers

Audio Interviews Available on October 6, 2022

Check out the amazing list of speakers and presentations!

Lana Wynn Scroggins

Dr. Lana Wynn Scroggins

“Devotional Journaling
& Coloring”

What you will learn:

How to do devotional journaling using coloring and unique activities to learn and grow in a closer relationship with God. Why simpler is better in creating a relaxing experience when journaling and coloring, and how to find, or rediscover childlike play for managing stress and anxiety.

Michele Thomson

Michele Thomson

“Spot The Differences: Stress &
Burnout How To Incorporate
Self-Care Without Guilt”

What you will learn:

What stress and burnout look/feel like and the differences between them as well as actions that can be taken to leverage existing habits and routines to incorporate self-care into daily life. We will also look at what self-care really is, and what actions we can take to help calm the central nervous system.

Dr. Aminah Dean

Dr. Aminah Dean

“Fall Away Stress
with Medicinal Teas”

What you will learn:

Tea breaks, the art of making an intentional cup of tea, the different herbs to use for teas, and also about blends for stress, anxiety, sleep, and immune boost.

Lana H. Allen

Lana H. Allen

From Chaos to Calm”

What you will learn:

How mindfulness is one tool that God used to help Lana learn to be calmer, ways to integrate peacefulness into the things you do by being mindful, and how to feel more rested even when you’re working.

Sandi Schwartz

Sandi Schwartz

“Find Your Ecohappiness: How to
Manage Stress and Anxiety Through
Nature Connection”

What you will learn:

Why nature is so healing and how it helps with stress reduction, managing anxiety, boosts mood, improves focus, creativity, and productivity. We will also talk about incorporating a simple nature habit into a daily routine, from soothing home office decor, to nature mindfulness breaks, and taking your work outdoors.

Marta Goertzen
With Niki Banning

“Create Your Restivity Plan: How to Plan, Prepare, and Schedule Your Rest”

What you will learn:

Create Your Restivity List is about planning, preparing, and scheduling your rest so you can break free from Toxic Hustle and develop a personalized and life-giving practice of rest. And yes, rest is a practice!

Remember… this is NOT your “Regular” Summit…

This is not one of those:

  • Sit at your computer until your brain feels like mush summits. As a matter of fact, there is NO VIDEO -you won’t be tied to your computer screen at all.
  • Summits filled with extra events or crazy schedules that you don’t actually have time for, and struggle to remember.
  • Promo-heavy, “buy-my-stuff” salesy webinar disguised as a learning event.

It IS a Mini Audio-only summit...

  • It’s an audio-only, interview-style event that you can “binge-listen” to just like a podcast. (Listen in your car, walking the dog, working out in the yard, etc.)
  • Just a handful of highly-curated expert speakers sharing their specific strategies and personal experiences about how to add simple, restful routines to your life to help manage stress and anxiety. This means you won’t have “information overload” so you’re more likely to actually take action and implement what you learn.
  • I’m not selling you a VIP Pass upsell! As long as you register (for free) during the registration window, you’ll have access to the interviews for the next three months so you can go back to them on our schedule.

One lucky Attendee will
win the Giveaway Bundle!


A randomly selected winner will be announced on October 9, 2022

The Selah Journal is an interactive journal with thoughtful articles, beautiful photography, and reflective journaling prompts.

The Easy Coloring Book set has a goal of giving you simple coloring designs as a tool to destress and relax. Perfectionism and expensive art supplies are not needed!

The Psalm 118:24 pack is a devotional activity journal with coloring, word searches, lettering practice sheets, and more. Settle in for a relaxing, mindful activity.

See you on Summit Day – October 6, 2022